Kabaddi Betting Strategy

Any form of online sports gambling lends itself perfectly to placing bets with a plan. Using stats and analysing data can easily help create a kabaddi betting strategy that could prove profitable.

We like to promote responsible gambling, betting within one’s means and not getting carried away with the emotion that can often affect sports fans.

A betting strategy is one way to keep you in control. It adds reason to backing a particular market, which we think is a sensible way to enjoy betting on Kabaddi.

Customers in India demand the best and we can show you how to set up your very own strategy to place your bets. It is first bets to accept that there is no foolproof way of beating the bookmakers. It simply won’t happen and not all bets placed will win.

Strategies for Kabaddi Betting

Creating a Kabaddi betting Strategy

Since the very early days of gambling, many hundreds of years ago, there have always been punters determined to get the better of the book. There are some well known and established strategies; many of which aim to cover the initial stake. This means there is a greater chance of at least breaking even, rather than a complete loss.

One of these strategies is known as the Martingale and can easily be applied when betting on Kabaddi.

When carried out correctly the Martingale strategy means that if the initial stake is placed and loses, the next stake is doubled to cover the loss from the first. Obviously, if the initial stake wins, there is no requirement to cover that loss because there wasn’t one.

On the face of it, this method appears like the customer cannot lose. However, if the stakes keep losing and the bets repeatedly keep being doubled the amount wagered can quickly start rising, which goes against responsible gambling.

Another simple Kabaddi betting plan could be percentage staking. This type of strategy again falls in line with responsible snd totally in control betting. Percentage staking is quite an easy strategy to follow. The player decides on a total bankroll in INR before the commencement of a Kabaddi match or tournament.

For example, before the start of the Kabaddi Pro league you could choose to have a total bankroll of 100 INR; no more and no less. This amount is then used to bet with over the whole tournament. Any winnings are not added to the bankroll. The advantage is the potential loss will always be 100 INR if all bets fail to win, however, there could also be winnings which have not been included.

A betting plan that can work with Kabaddi

We have looked at a couple of example strategies that can be implemented when gambling. These strategies mainly focus on control and covering the finances rather than a strategy on individual betting markets and odds.

Customers in India, who follow Kabaddi closely will have an understanding about who the best players and teams are. This leads us nicely on to creating a strategy using data and statistics.

We think combining percentage staking with following the stats is the perfect way to bet on Kabaddi. A strategy like this keeps us is in control whilst justifying our choices from a wide selection of Kabaddi betting markets. The stats could indicate which player has the most raids, or super raids. There will be an opportunity to bet on players with the most tackles, including average tackle points.

By following this data, the value on odds displayed by the bookmakers can be identified.

As mentioned earlier, no strategy will be completely successful. There will be times when a player has an off day or an underdog unexpectedly wins. This is a fact of sport and very unpredictable.

We’d love to hear from you if you have created your own strategy and had some success.

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