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Here at Kabaddi Raid, we want to find the best value odds and share them with you and hopefully, we will see some good returns on the bets placed.

With every Kabaddi match that takes place, the bookmakers will update their betting markets.

With so many bookmakers in India offering Kabaddi, it can be difficult to find where to start betting. We have done all the hard work for you. Check out our best Kabaddi betting sites, pick the welcome bonus that suits you and visit the website to join.

Kabaddi Betting Markets – Enjoy our free tips service

Finding a winning bet can be a fun and enjoyable experience, who wouldn’t like to win real cash for making the correct prediction? As fun as betting can be, we think it should be done responsibly, keeping you in complete control. That’s why we’ve explained exactly how we go about creating our Kabaddi betting tips.

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How do we pick our tips?

The wisest and most trustworthy betting predictions are placed with knowledge. There are countless betting strategies across many different sports and those that can be backed up with useful data are more likely to be successful than a pure shot in the dark. We want our bets to be sustainable, deciding on a stake and betting only what we can afford to lose.

Where there are stats available, we can make use of them to find the value against the prices given for each Kabaddi betting market. Therefore it makes sense to decide what stake can be placed according to how much value we think there is. Sometimes the data won’t back up where we think the bet should be placed, so we won’t predict this market to win.

Are these Kabaddi betting predictions available to players in India?

Of course. We are dedicated to bringing the very latest and best betting information to customers in India. We have identified the bookmakers that are available especially those offering Kabaddi.

The tips we provide will be based on prices from those sportsbooks that can be accessed in India.

Will the tips always win?

In a word – No! If we could predict all bets to win then we would all win all the time and the bookmakers would lose and that simply wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

We like betting to be serious but enjoyable, betting only what can be afforded. We aim to make our Kabaddi betting tips and predictions as realistic as possible and strive to gain some return on the initial stake.

In Kabaddi betting there will always be a favourite and there will always be a form guide. Sports fans know all too well how the underdog can triumph unexpectedly, or an injury to a star player can all of a sudden change a teams fortunes, which is extremely difficult to predict.

Today’s free Kabaddi betting predictions

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When are our Kabaddi tips published?

Whenever there are Kabaddi matches we will look at what betting options are being offered. We’d expect all bookmakers, available to Indian betting customers, to offer markets to bet on this sport.

As mentioned we like to look for value prices and analyse the odds against what the stats are telling us. If we can’t see any healthy returns then the likely hood is we won’t post tips; we bet responsibly after all.

Do we offer Kabaddi predictions for every match?

In an ideal world yes we would. We will strive to offer as many tips and predictions on Kabaddi as possible. Indian betting customers demand the best, which is what we aim to provide.

Unfortunately and due to the nature of online betting, the prices will not always be relevant and appealing making a prediction and outcome less likely to happen.

In-play tips

For those players unfamiliar with the term in play here’s an explanation into this type of betting. In-play is also known as live betting and literally means bets can be placed live as the Kabaddi match takes place.

In-play is a very popular way to place bets, it can be fast and furious and allows players to be the judge of how the game or contest is panning out. This should allow for better placement of bets.

The issue we see with offering tips on live in-play kabaddi matches is that the prices tend to fluctuate very quickly. As soon as prediction is made the odds can change very fast which can make the betting tip appear to be a poor prediction.

There are often time lags with in-play gambling, especially when watching the sporting contest alongside an open sportsbook. In-play is a great way to bet, but sometimes emotions can get the better of judgement, which isn’t responsible.

What is an accumulator?

Sometimes our tips and predictions will come in the form of an accumulator. This term is often referred to as an Acca. It simply means more 3 or more separate selections added to a betting slip. The odds and prices are calculated accumulatively based on the stake. The returns will be much higher if all of the selections win.

The problem with Acca bets is that if one of the selections fails to win, then so does the whole bet. We will look to see if the data indicates an Acca may be a worthwhile bet or we may choose to tip our Kabaddi bets using single and double markets.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Kabaddi betting tips. We’d love to hear your thoughts especially if you’ve had any success.

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